The Summer Lean Up Challenge – A better diet is out there

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The Summer Lean Up Challenge - A better diet is out there

The Summer Lean Up Challenge – A better diet is out there

We have a community here that feeds in many different ways.  Lately – it’s been ugly…and well the results??  Lack luster.  Many of us are finding out what we are sensitive to but are still reluctant and slow to give up the cheap grains, fast food and sugary treats.

So if you’ve received body composition and performance stalls – give this challenge a try.  You will not be disappointed.  It works.

I’ve seen the best results come from this challenge and have grown to understand that it’s a commitment you must stick with.  Cheat days are allowed.  I want us all to play with intermittent fasting, protein fasting, and reduce the nut intake.

I like what Dr. Harris is advocating at  Get started with these 12 steps He doesn’t sell a book or supplements. He has no personal profit in recording his thoughts and hypotheses and viewpoints on the best way to eat.  He also does the research needed to back it all up.

His followers have stated pretty significant changes in their lives:
-More energy than they had on Primal Blueprint
-Ability to build muscle at a faster pace, while working out far less.
-Mental clarity and ability to pay attention increases
-More energy and faster recovery
-Sex drive is stronger,
-and many are finding even more strengths in areas of their lives that were otherwise weak and permanently so.

So – what’s to lose?  Give it a go!!!  I’ll hold a couple seminars at the beginning of the challenge to get us all on the right track.  I’ll schedule pictures and pinch times next week.


Saturday – Team Workout – send 2 teams at a time


In Teams of two complete the following:
- 275m (around green old lulu building) Heavy Bag Carry and (225lb) Sled Pull (one person carries the bag, the other does the sled pull)
- 250 total reps of Double Unders (1 at at time)
- 200 V Snaps (fold at lumbar, touch shoe laces, keep legs straight)
- 150 Burpees (1 at at time)
-100m (Curb to far fence and back) Overhead Barbell Carry, each must perform(135/95)


Sunday – “Get your CJ & Hammies”

3 clean and jerks (at 205)
6 clean and jerk (185)
9 clean and jerk (165)
12 clean and jerk (135)

- scale as needed – Women 135,115,95 and 85.


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