Sleeping a waste of time…

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Sleeping a waste of time...

Sleeping a waste of time…

Sleep. Do you get enough of it? Robb Wolf (author of The Paleo Solution) strongly suggests 8-9 hours of sleep in a pitch dark room. He also states that “inadequate sleep cock-blocks fat loss”.
How many of us feel completely rested when the weekend ends and Monday morning rolls around? How many of us wake up Monday morning and start counting down the days when we get to sleep in again?
With a fluctuating I personally don’t think that I get the 8-9 hours every night, but I sure try! Recently I started using a blackout blind and could not believe difference it makes.

Robb Wolf provides these 5 quick tips to be a sleeping Viking! (Now whether you follow the Paleo diet or not, we all need sleep and probably better sleep than we are currently getting!)

1. Keep to a routine. Your body’s hormones adjust to whatever routine you have, so the more scheduled your life is, the better. Eating at regular times and sleeping/waking up at set times helps you do the same thing tomorrow and next week. This is also psychological– when you see it’s near the time to go to bed, you’ll get sleepy.

2. Along the same lines, set a pre-determined time to stop drinking caffeine every day. I’m narrowing down my hour through trial and error, and it’s sometime between noon and 3pm. 5pm definitely kills me– I toss and turn for hours and sleep horribly.

I’d never know this unless I tracked it. So check it out by keeping a sort of diary about when you’re sleeping and being awake. The Zeo helps with this too (disclosure: Robb and I both received one for free).

3. Lack of sleep is often a symptom of other problems, as well as a cause of yet other ones. Look for the source. Are you working out before bed? If so, quit it. Exercise (except sex, heh) increases heart rate and raises body temperature, making it harder to conk out when you hit your pillow.

Optionally, it could be reading non-fiction that keeps your brain active– some people say you should quit reading fiction at night entirely. Whatever your habits are, set up a system to keep you relaxed at night.

4. I don’t know about you, but I get stressed out just thinking about sleeping. It turns into a vicious cycle– stressed about sleep, so I stay awake, which stresses me out more, etc. I break this cycle with a method I discovered through Viktor Frankl, a holocaust survivor and psychotherapist who wrote an amazing book, Man’s Search For Meaning.

Frankly used Paradoxical Intention to relieve his patients of anxiety by making them try their hardest to be anxious, which ironically prevents anxiety. So do the same thing by trying very hard (lying down and with your eyes closed) to stay awake! It’s surprising and counter-intuitive, but it works. :)

5. Finally, stop blue light from entering your house at night. It seems like it wouldn’t help, but many studies show that it isn’t the brightness of light that causes problems, but its colour. Turns out blue light wakes you up, and red/rose light does the opposite. What is the biggest source of blue light in your house? You guessed it: your computer. So download F.lux– it’s free, and based on where you live, it’ll change the colour of your screen at night. Presto!

Warmup: Tabata sit ups

Strength Training continues:


Workout:5 rounds
12 kettlebell swings (black/red)
9 box jump (20/24″)

Here is a Rip video on the overhead press!

CFP ;-)

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    Work out hard every day (5 days at least) – that’ll help. I know where you can do that :)

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