Olympic Lifting Workshop on Saturday

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Olympic Lifting Workshop on Saturday

Olympic Lifting Workshop on Saturday

Canadian Olympian Christine Girard is coming to our box on Saturday the 25th for an intensive Snatch and Clean and Jerk Clinic.
This is a very rare opportunity to learn from the best lifter (63kg weightclass) on the continent.
The workshop will have plenty of barbell time and is sutible for beginners through advanced lifters.
You’ll kick yourself for missing it.
You can find more details and sign up information here



  • By Benny 20 Feb 2012

    Mar and I are signed up.. and I’m pretty stoked about it.. should be fun!!

  • By andy 20 Feb 2012

    I think Dan hit a 15lb PR in the Snatch shortly after attending one of her workshops. Might not be a bad idea for all of you OPEN contenders.

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